Why is small batch production eco-friendly?

At TUKUAN, eco-responsibility is at the heart of our priorities. One of our concrete actions to manufacture sustainable and environmentally friendly products is to produce small batches in the heart of the Chabanel district, just a few steps from our offices.

Why is small batch production eco-friendly?

First of all, when we produce the TUKUAN versatile overskirt, there is always some leftover material. We try to recycle them by making accessories such as our new Tote. Still, having surplus takes up space which means renting a larger room, using more heat and other storage related expenses.

tukuan eco-friendly tote
Our small collections allow us to control the amount of space we allocate to our general inventory and to our off-cuts. This has a positive impact on expenses. It allows us to spend less and use less space. Less office, more green space? It's a great vision for a clean future and a healthy planet.

On the other hand, since our small lots are located in the Chabanel district, it allows us to better manage the transportation of the overskirts from one artisan-manufacturer to another and to our offices. In this sense, the carbon footprint of the skirt's journey from the manufacturing stage to our warehouse is minimal. We can even walk to supervise the whole process.

For all these reasons, we believe that producing small batches has an important impact on the health of the environment. It is also a great way to offer exclusive TUKUAN overskirts to our valued customers.

tukuan eco-friendly fashion

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