Sustainable Canadian materials

Quality materials make all the difference, and are essential to the making of a TUKUAN. The durability of the components is a priority.

TUKUAN Canada uses top-quality fabrics: beautiful fleeces, soft wools, recycled wool from Italy, merino, alpaca and recycled polyester.
The overskirt construction is a one-piece, seamless cut.

Our values

At TUKUAN, we choose the human and the planet. Our values are:

Quality and durability
An ecological process
Slow fashion in small batches
We give back 1% of our sales
Local manufacturing

We opt for quality and take care to keep our clothes as long as possible. Waste of time and goods is no longer an option. 

We are committed to transparency and communication so that together we produce better and consume better.

An ethical approach

We are committed to building strong relationships with our manufacturer. Thus, for each skirt made, a quarter of the profits go to our team of seamstresses.

Each piece is meticulously crafted in Quebec, highlighting artisanal quality and sustainable materials to accompany you in your daily life, season after season.

Our commitment: authenticity and freedom of expression

With your TUKUAN, you look good and original, and it allows you to participate in an eco-responsible movement. Canadian-designed, TUKUAN is committed to manufacturing its versatile accessories with durable materials to ensure long life and to be handed down from generation to generation.
You no longer have to fear the cold; By wearing TUKUAN, you feel safe wherever you go, and can make the most of the cold seasons.

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Rue des Femmes welcomes and cares for women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Survivors of severe trauma, these women are in a state of post-traumatic stress: they are broken, they have lost their relational health. They come from all age groups, cultures and social backgrounds. They want care to heal, to recover their potential and their lives.

In 2023, La rue des Femmes:

Welcomes and cares for more than 1,230 women in its three houses - 40% of them are not housed at LrdF.

Provides nearly 55,000 hours of relational health care, including nearly 4,000 hours of specialized care (counseling, psychotherapy, art therapy, choir, etc.).

Provides access to two day centers: 99,193 meals served and 44,056 attendances recorded.

Offers 69 beds for emergency and transitional accommodation.

You can make a donation directly by clicking here.

We give back 1% of our sales