The best accessories for surviving the Canadian winter

Here are some practical suggestions for all those who want to visit Canada in winter, in comfort and style for all your adventures. Beyond clothing, it's important to protect the extremities of your body! That's why we rely on accessories to save 30% in heat loss. There's a wide range of options, but here are the most essential.

Hats and Toques

This is the essential accessory for keeping your head and ears warm. If it's really cold, we recommend a fleece balaclava as a neck warmer and second layer under your hat.

tukuan accessoire d'hiver

Scarf or neck warmer

Choose a scarf for walks and a neck warmer for physical activities. The TUKUAN neckband/neck warmer offers all this protection. Keep your neck warm, so you don't let the cold get into your back and catch a chill!

Gloves / mittens

It's true that gloves are handy for keeping your fingers mobile... But the best accessory in the coldest weather is mittens, because when your fingers are together, they retain their warmth.

tukuan accessoire d'hiver

Socks and boots

For socks, we recommend investing in a good pair of alpaca wool socks. For your sporting activities, look to merino wool socks, as merino wicks away perspiration and prevents odors. Finally, when it comes to footwear, choose winter boots that are slip-resistant, lined and, above all, waterproof!


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