Synergie Montréal, TUKUAN and the circular economy

For TUKUAN, eco-responsibility is a primary value: it is part of the company's DNA. In order to always find ecological and ethical solutions for the manufacturing of our skirts, we do business with local and ecoresponsible collaborators. Our latest collaboration is with Synergie Montréal, an organization that helps us find solutions for the circular economy.

Compared to the linear economy which extracts resources to produce a consumer product, and then throws it away, the circular economy is used to optimize and reuse resources to produce products by limiting the consumption and waste of raw materials and non-renewable energy. In other words, the circular economy makes it possible to produce resources by reusing products that would be thrown away in the linear economy process.

Synergie Montréal

Synergy Montreal is the first organization created by PME MTL to help Montreal businesses transition their activities to the circular economy. It offers services to companies such as training on the circular economy and a network of Quebec companies to help each other in their strategies towards a more eco-responsible production mode. Collaboration with the organization allows companies to reduce their carbon footprint, realize savings and thus generate more profits for local businesses, create new business opportunities, accelerate the realization of innovative projects, rethink their production and consumption methods, and bring new complementary businesses into the network.

The organization accompanies local companies by relying on ethical concepts such as industrial ecology, eco-design, responsible consumption, and the economy of functionality and recycling. It also allows to improve the treatment of several resources within companies such as textile, wood, glass, metals, organic materials and chemicals as well as human resources. Synergie Montréal has already done business with more than 200 Montreal companies, which has led to the reduction of 2,000 tons of residual materials and thus to a reduction of 2,800 tons of C02 produced per year. The organization has thus become an indispensable choice of collaborator for TUKUAN in its process of becoming a circular economy company.


TUKUAN has already started recycling its summer skirt scraps into two essential accessories for an active yet comfort-oriented lifestyle with style. In fact, our reversible, unisex headband/neck warmer and reversible long hat/tuque are from the circular economy process.


We are proud to be part of the eco-friendly fashion community. In addition to offering quality, versatile and eco-friendly products made in Montreal, we are always looking to surpass ourselves to be at the forefront of sustainable fashion.

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