Different ways to wear the TUKUAN skirt

The TUKUAN skirt is very versatile. It's the perfect garment to keep you warm and comfortable with style in chilly weather. It can be worn over pants and leggings on the way to work or Pilates. It covers your lower back, hips and thighs perfectly, which is ideal to protect you from the cold and it lets you enjoy walking outside. In addition, it covers your backside if you prefer a more discreet look when wearing leggings.

The TUKUAN skirt is ideal for outdoor sports. Its unique A-line wallet-style cut is very flexible and allows you to do any physical activity without problems. You can wear it while cycling, jogging, walking in the mountains, canoeing, camping or cross-country skiing.

It is also very convenient when you sit on a cold surface in the car in the winter or on a park bench or even on the floor for a picnic with friends.

The TUKUAN skirt becomes a handy shawl both indoors and outdoors on cool summer evenings. You can wear it for meditation, while reading or in front of the computer to feel warm and wrapped up. This garment is very popular with travelers because the TUKUAN skirt is ideal as a blanket on the plane or bus and can be quickly stored in the handbag after use.

New mothers particularly appreciate the versatility of TUKUAN. Its one-size-fits-all concept covering sizes 4-14 and 14-18 allows it to accompany them throughout their pregnancy. Once the baby is born, TUKUAN is used as a blanket to keep the baby warm and as a nursing blanket. THE TUKUAN shawl skirt gives you an elegant look every time.

Finally, the TUKUAN skirt can simply be worn as a skirt. It is practical, chic and casual at the same time. It looks good in the office and once at home, you feel already dressed for a comfortable evening out. As Shannon, one of our customers says: "Really well made, super adjustable, and looks chic/formal like a skirt but is a quick way to dress up a discreet outfit to stay at home!"

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