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TUKUAN made to order Jazzy 2.0

TUKUAN made to order Jazzy 2.0

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TUKUAN made to order Jazzy 2.0 is in presale only.

Custom TUKUAN skirts are handmade in Montreal one piece at a time. When you order a TUKUAN made-to-order accessory, you must wait two weeks for the product to be shipped. If you combine it with another TUKUAN product, the entire order will be shipped at the same time, two weeks later.

TUKUAN overskirt - Jazzy 2.0 - is a classic piece, versatile three-season clothing accessory that can be worn as a skirt, an overskirt for outdoor activities, a scarf or a shawl indoors or out.

It is an A-line wrap skirt with multiple snaps which makes it one size fits all (available in 3 one size fits all & 2 lengths). Made from luxury fabrics that offer comfort, warmth and style throughout the cold seasons. 

This custom-made versatile accessory is perfect for spring and fall as it contains less wool.

The Jazzy 2.0 comes with our signature TUKUAN Canada buttons.

Length: 50 cm for knee length & 72 cm for mid-calf length.

40% Wool - 60% Polyester.

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