TUKUAN's unique design

We had fun highlighting all the authentic design features that make TUKUAN the versatile overskirt an original piece of craftsmanship.

You can see TUKUAN’s signature waistband made of a red ribbon for snap reinforcement and a better finish.

You will find a woven label inside the skirt on the waistband with the branding TUKUAN Montreal Canada and the fabric-care information.


An original and very handy feature of the skirt is that there are numerous snap buttons on the waistline making the skirt a one size garment. The buttons are made of the best-quality brass.

You will find a front side trim band made out of genuine recycled leather.

Our logo can be found at the bottom of that leather hem. A delicate woven clip label features our famous snowflake. On the flip side of the label, on the inside of the skirt, you will find the red Canadian maple leaf.

We always select the best possible fabric to make TUKUAN a soft melton-quality wool blend. We also use Italian recycled wool on some models and some cashmire and alpaca.

The construction of the skirt is a one-piece fabric cut, no seams. It is ethically made in the Chabanel distric of Montreal, the “garment district” by experienced sewers who know their craft.

We are so proud of TUKUAN that we decided to patent it. Because of our “savoir-faire” TUKUAN will feel like a second skin while protecting you against the northern cold.

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