TUKUAN a B Corp company

We are proud to announce that TUKUAN is now a B Corp certified company, which validates and confirms that our mission and values go hand in hand in building our business.

When Céline Juppeau of Kotmo company introduced us to B Corp certification more than two years ago, we knew we wanted to create a company that was in line with our values, and this certification seemed like a great opportunity to build a solid foundation.

From governance, to customers, to product, to community and to the environment, we will do everything we can to ensure that TUKUAN works in a way that is respectful of the environment and people, and is transparent. We believe that new organizations should choose these perspectives in their business models.

To learn more about our B Corp certification: https://blocalquebec.org/home

At TUKUAN, we choose people and planet. We are part of the next step toward a healthier future. We choose to work for the well-being of people, a better sharing of wealth, we choose to invest in healthier solutions for people and the planet.

We choose to create value. Let's think better about our designs, think better about our raw materials, buy with a conscience, opt for quality and care for our clothes for as long as possible. Wasting time and goods is no longer an option.

We are leaning towards mini-productions with capsule collections to avoid large inventories. 

We are committed to transparency and communication so that together we produce better and consume better.

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