Extending the use of clothes out of love for fashion & the planet

Ecodesign is part of the product design stage, with the aim of prolonging product use. Thinking upstream about the repercussions of production, manufacturing and use is important if you choose to be an ecoresponsable fashion brand and invest in our planet's future. TUKUAN the multi-purpose accessory has been designed to last over time and serve the next generation and meet the eco-friendly criterias that allowed us to become a B-Corp company.

This requires a creative rather than a restrictive approach: the development challenge, to offer a value-added product and communicating the value-added approach to consumers.

What does this mean in practical terms when it comes to extending the life of your favorite all-purpose accessory?

A timeless approach is needed to counter psychological and functional obsolescence.

It's the principle of slow fashion: buy better to consume better, and avoid throwing away products too quickly because they don't have the quality to last over time, or because they represent a passing fad that no longer suits us.

Why do we throw away clothes/products too quickly?

Unsuitable sizes
Changing trends
Premature wear
Poor design

There are also other angles to consider in order to extend the life of a product, such as size durability:

Evolving children's clothing
Maternity wear that can be worn after pregnancy
Adjustable garment, one size fits all...

Adjustable garment, one size fits all

-Trend sustainability

Choosing clothes that will last the test of time is not always easy. Here's a tip: keep it simple. Adopting versatile garments and accessories with a simple, comfortable fit that will serve you well on many occasions and for many years is always a winner.

Extending the use of clothes for the love of fashion and the planet

-Emotional sustainability

Style personalization
Well-defined functionality
Well-defined consumer

In a nutshell, at TUKUAN we try to create products with a timelessness, in colors and shapes, so that they live well over time, and we consider well tailoring as a mark of longevity. Our product is and will always be made with savoir-faire in Montreal, Canada.

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