The new Tukuan summer skirt

For the Spring/Summer 2021 season, Tukuan announces the release of a new micro collection of summer skirts! Like the winter skirt, the summer overskirt can be used as a skirt as well as a shawl and we've kept the same clean cut you love so much about our winter skirts.

It's perfect for late night outings, indoor yoga, outdoor sports and tennis. In fact, it's perfect for any activity where you need an extra layer of warmth and style. The collection offers both a sporty, casual style and a dressy, professional look.

The Tukuan summer skirt is made with merino wool without a mulesing process for an animal cruelty free product. The finely woven merino wool has heat-regulating properties, allowing the fabric to provide warmth in colder temperatures, but also to keep the fabric cool in warmer temperatures. In addition, the polyester used in the skirt is recycled and made from plastic bottles. The fabrics used for the summer skirt are very light and quilted textures, which gives it comfort and protection ideal for sports activities. Feel free to wear it as is, on bare skin!

Here's a video with everything you want to know about the versatile summer skirt. Félicité and Lisa, the two founders of TUKUAN, are here to answer your questions!

The qualities of the summer skirt are the versatility and eco-responsibility of the product as well as the know-how of Quebec companies. All skirts are made in Montreal, in the Chabanel district, which makes the skirt a high quality, ethical and unique product. The skirt represents an innovation in the field of accessories by combining several uses in the same product.

Notre jupe d'été est offerte en deux couleurs douces et polyvalentes: le gris pâle et le beige ( réversible lorsque porté en châle).

Thanks to Sylvia alias Sousoudimension , accomplished yogist and co-owner of Idolem Hot Yoga Bois-Franc.

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