Where do your fabrics come from?

The question we're often asked is, "Where do your fabrics come from?" We currently have three ways of sourcing our fabrics, always with a view to being as eco-responsible and versatile as possible. From the outset, we've favored natural fibers with polyester or nylon blends for fiber strength.

First, we looked for options that wouldn't add to our fabric production. There are so many industry rejections that we wanted to work with those we could find locally. To our surprise, we discovered some treasures that we turned into mini collections. This option gave us the latitude to offer you beautiful plaids and more fashionable colors. In the process, we've developed some excellent relationships with local suppliers. For these fabrics, however, it's a bit complicated to have full traceability of materials, so we rely on the information provided by our suppliers. We also have the option of buying collection ends from different designers.

As a second option, we have a regular supplier based in British Columbia. This company enables us to secure the basis of our classic collection. Products are in stock, but not overstocked. This company also works hard towards sustainable production, offering many eco-responsible fabrics.

classic collection TUKUAN skirt

Our third option is to look for recycled fabrics with certifications from Italy, because in the Prato region, the textile industry has really acquired this expertise in fiber recycling and transformation.With the second and third options, we can have full traceability on our fabrics and give you all the information on the fabrics we find.

Our original, eco-responsible vision of fashion is another good reason to have a TUKUAN. TUKUAN offers you sustainable and traceable fabrics that are not only environmentally conscious, but also stylish and modern. With options ranging from local treasures to classic collections, you'll be sure to find the perfect fit for any occasion.




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